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EZ Gluten test strips
Detect gluten in food

EZ Gluten

Include Swab (¢50 each)  
99% accurate
Detection as low as 10PPM
10 minute results
Test most foods & beverages
Easy to use

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Celiac Test
Test for Celiac Disease


$59   Quantity:  
93.5% accurate
10 minute results
The only Health Canada licensed home test

Individuals must be consuming gluten for an accurate test result. Individuals gluten-free for more than 2 weeks should complete a gluten challenge prior to taking the Celiac test or any laboratory test. The Canadian Celiac Association recommends 1-4 slices of bread daily (or equivalent) for at least 4 weeks.

Genetic Test for Celiac Disease


$198   Quantity:  
Test for celiac genetics
99% accurate
Cheek swab DNA test
Simple and painless
Accurate even on gluten-free diet

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